HARP: The World of Tarn

The World of Tarn

Map of Tarn

Below is a reasonable map of Tarn. There are of course other cities and major landmarks throughout Tarn, but this will give you a general sense of the geography.

Map of Tarn
  1. Ruins of Sylvanore - The once-grand home of the high elves.
  2. Easlen - The capital of Elysia, seat of the Golden Empire.
  3. Scarborough - A county in Elysia; a farming community.
  4. Dhazad-Kul - The dwarven city, based in Elysia.
  5. The Cove - A fishing village, under the dictate of the Sultanate.
  6. Teziir - The main port city of Lanakh, governed by the Sultanate.
  7. Simbani Village - A primative village of tribes-people.
  8. Kahiki Isle - Home of the katti, cat-people of the jungles.
  9. Icewall - Stronghold of the minotaurs, in the icy reaches of Glacia.
  10. Mordavia - Capital of Labyria, ruled by the Dominion of the Iron Claw.

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