HARP: The World of Tarn

The World of Tarn

The History, Timelines, and Calendar

Tarn has a rich history that will be updated and revealed throughout gameplay. The well known facts of each age are represented here, additional facts will be revealed as they are discovered. It is recommended that GMs and Player use the Tarn Calendar in order to reference events and times.

The world is currently in the Third Age. The First Age was that of the world forming, the elves and dwarves keep history dating to that time, it lasted for nearly 10,000 years of hardship. The Second Age was after the land masses were finally settled and real civilization began, it lasted for nearly 3000 years. The Third Age started 399 years ago as survivors of the great plague began rebuilding. The world is just becoming what it once was again. Populations are still low, but rapidly increasing across all races.

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