HARP: The World of Tarn

The World of Tarn

The Organizations of Tarn

Tarn has a number of organizations, some political ones, some non-political ones. The organizations are made available to those who roleplay exceptionally well - membership is meant as a reward for roleplaying.

Organizations are run by mortal leaders, some have more than one. For example, the Sultanate is led by a triumvirate, while the Dominion is led by one Tyrant. Each organization is rich in history and purpose, so it takes certain character concepts to succeed within certain organizations. For example, it would not make sense to have a holy warrior join the Brotherhood, or for someone that hates magic to join the Magi.

The best way to get into an organization is to roleplay the appropriate character concept, and do it well. Many of the organizations will accept wide ranging characters and personalities, but each has a number of fundamental truths that exist.

Below is a list of the available organizations:

There are also factions within the game, which can be considered mini-organizations. These are entirely player run, and have a variety of different concepts and values. To find out more about factions you will need to find out ICly within the game.

Joining an organization is one of the most complex procedures any character will ever go through. An organization should agree with the character's life goals and represent what the character stands for in life. In order to begin the process, the character should have a strong idea of what they stand for and believe in. This includes developing a good character background. A person wishing to join an org should be able to answer questions about his or her parentage, favorite colors, and other preferences that most people develop.

Organizations are rewards to individuals for roleplaying well and using good judgement. A character wishing to join an organization should take the time to research the different organizations and find one that suits the character's goals and personality.

There is no guarantee of getting into an organization. If you are a good roleplayer, that will be factored in, but your temperment will also need to match the needs of the organization. A gossip will most likely not get into an ultra-secret org. Learning what the org is all about before attempting to make contact is very helpful. To begin with, there is a help file for each of the organizations. READ IT! If your character doesn't agree with these basic precepts, find a different org.

Most organizations begin the interview process after being contacted via a note to the organization. Do not get discouraged if your note goes unanswered for weeks or longer. Many orgs watch the individual before contacting them to see if they are worthy of an interview. The most important thing is to roleplay, roleplay, roleplay. Develop a character that is interesting to interact with and seems like a real person. This includes developing a personal code of ethics that does not necessarily match the owner of the character's own morals.

Once your character has a code of ethics, maintain consistency. Do not do things that are out of character. Going out "hunting" and "equipment gathering" does very little to develop a character. If all you do is hunt and gather, it is very unlikely you will find a place within the organizations.

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