HARP: The World of Tarn

The World of Tarn

The Organizations of Tarn: The Eastern Sultanate

The Eastern Sultanate rules over the continent of Lanakh and the northern civilized region of Astabula. Lanakh is the oldest civilized nation of the world. The Sultan is the almighty leader of Lanakh, using a force known as the Sultanate to handle day-to-day activities. Those within the Sultanate are some of the most loyal guards and officials in all of Tarn. It would be wise to remain respectful while visiting their lands, for the Sultanate enforces their laws with an iron fist, untainted by compassion or greed. In such a land of wonder and mysterious legend, it is no surprise that the Sultanate seeks to stand as a pinnacle of law and order.

Citizens of the Sultanate currently reside in the known cities: Teziir, Al-Akrin and Anwar.

The most up-to-date draft of the Sultan's laws is posted in the janissary headquarters in Al-Akrin.

Currently, Jindayn Sasvairn rules the lands of the Sultan.

Those who truly wish to serve the Sultan must be citizens of the Sultanate with an unblemished criminal record in regards to this region.

The Sultanate is in charge of The Raya, a group designed to aid the Sultanate in the protection and betterment of Lanakhan society.

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