HARP: The World of Tarn

The World of Tarn

Maps of the Realms

Tarn boasts geography as varied as the imagination could possibly think of. As a character from the world of Tarn, players may travel from the burning deserts of Lanakh to the boggy marshes of Labyria, or take a trip through a portal and end up in the very realms of the gods.

Tarn as a world is about half explored. The discovered world is only about 3000 miles by 3000 miles. Judjing by the time differences between the eastern tip of Lanakh and the western tip of Elysia (roughly 4 hours), it is thought that the full circumference must be nearly 18,000 miles around and mostly unexplored.

The solar system that Tarn is in has two suns a giant red sun and smaller blue sun. They are often referred to as The Mother and The Daughter. The moon is named P'tera.

We have a small collection of maps that are available for your perusal:

Unfortunately no maps yet exist of Labyria, Astabula, or the Kahiki Isles.

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