HARP: The World of Tarn

The World of Tarn

Map of Elysia

Elysia is considered the main continent of Tarn. It is sparcely populated like most of the world with a feudal system running strong.

   (M)      (L)(J)    |  (A)        (D)      (G)(I)
    |        |  |    ***  |          |        |  | 
            |  |  |  ***   |   |      |   |    |
           (K)(K)(K)  |   (B) (C)    (E) (F)  (H)
-(A)-The Orchard
-(C)-Gypsy Camp
-(D)-The Holy Grove
-(E)-The Emerald Forest
-(F)-Karenga River and Watch Hill
-(G)-Cunningham Ridge, Absinthe's Temple, The Blight, and Dhazad-Kul
-(H)-The Dwarf Forest, Temple of Beauty, and the Wyvern Tower
-(I)-The Boiling Rose Inn, Nine Oaks, and Silverlake
-(J)-The Shire
-(K)-Haon Dor and The Trolls Den
-(L)-The Dryad Woods and The Hobgoblin Keep
-(M)-Temple of Lisstrielle
-(R)-The North Woods, Nilonia, Kingdom of Daylight, Silverwood Glen,
     Scarborough, Camaraine's Temple, Avizuul's Temple, and Unicorn Valley

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