HARP: The World of Tarn

The World of Tarn

The Organizations of Tarn: The Brotherhood of the Hand

The Brotherhood of the Hand is a secretive guild comprised of assassins, moneylenders, merchants, and others. Members are known to be strictly loyal to fellow brothers, and the penalty of betrayal is quite fierce. All members owe allegiance to their leader, and would follow that leader through all realms imaginable if it were the leader's wish.

Knowledge is a crucial asset to members. Those who are willing to learn and to teach what they know to others are looked on favorably. All classes are accepted, and alignments of neutral and evil. The members of the Brotherhood seek personal gain, as well as the furthering of the Brotherhood as an institution. A member can reap unimaginable rewards, but the risks are severe as well. Patience is a virtue and secrecy an absolute must among the members.

The Brotherhood, in the past, has been known to attempt grand feats, even the assassinations of leaders, for the right price. They are said to be involved in a whole host of activities, the reach of the Hand going farther than many would expect. The Brotherhood often seeks to form alliances with various individuals and organizations, be they government or otherwise, throughout Tarn.

If you wish to seek more information on the Brotherhood speak to those in the realm and see if any have heard of them.

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