HARP: The World of Tarn

The World of Tarn

The Organizations of Tarn: The Golden Empire of Elysia

The Golden Empire of Elysia rules over the entire continent of Elysia, the largest known landmass of Tarn. The Elysian Empire is made up of several kingdoms which out of goodwill united together in peace under a woman who is known only as the Golden Empress.

Officials to the Golden Empress generally enforce the law with compassion and mercy, balancing justice with wisdom. Little is demanded of her citizens save loyalty to the Empress. As a nation, the Empire is generally content to maintain her peaceful union, and does not seek to invade other nations. The Empire does not, however, have much tolerance for those who would harm her innocent citizens unprovoked.

Citizens of the Golden Empire currently hail from the following hometowns: Easlen, Nine Oaks, Dhazad-Kul, Sylvanore, Scarborough, the Shire and the Emerald Forest.

The most up-to-date draft of Elysia's laws can be found posted in the Office of Law Enforcement in Easlen.

Any who seek to serve as an official to the Empress must be a citizen with a clean criminal record.

The Empire also runs the Elysian Militia, a civilian army of willing citizens, seeking to protect Elysia. The Militia runs on a strict schedule of training, exercise, combat and more, all designed to prepare Militia members for eventual acceptance into the Empire's elite forces.

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