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January 10, 2004

Welcome to The World of Tarn's homepage. First and foremost this is blatently ripped off from Turning Point MUD. The creative folks there created the world of Tarn and all within it. Actually, they even created most of this web page layout, though I've changed it a bit. Just in case there was question, I actually am the owner of Turning Point MUD, though I don't actually play there anymore, so using all of this is all fine with me. :)

The world of Tarn in HARP is my campaign that I'm running for a few friends. However anyone interested in using the information presented here is welcome to for their own HARP games. All copyrights remain respective of Turning Point MUD (and me of course), but if it is for your personal use and is not distributed past your immediate gaming group, feel free to use waht you see here.

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