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The World of Tarn

The Organizations of Tarn: The Legion of the White Flame

The Legion of the White Flame is the military and civilian company that constitutes the greater multitude of soldiers, pages, squires, healers, priests and aids who have not been raised into the Crusader's knighthood proper and granted the holy privileges and responsibilities that are associated with knighthood. Legionnaires are all expected to endure the rigorous training of spirit, mind and body which prepares them for the expectations of holy knighthood. The Legion is ultimately run by the Lord Commander of the Flame and is structured accordingly.

While legionnaires are not held to the same code of expectation as Knights of the White Flame, they are all expected to be soldiers for the Light, each in their own willing way. Those who will not raise weapons in their love of peace are accordingly expected to preach, heal or assist in other ways with no less vigor of spirit and valor of heart.

Men, women, sons and daughters come to the Legion in a variety of ways, whether raised from childhood by parental request or converted on the battlefield, all legionnaires share a likeminded love for the Light and the moral conditions of the world. Most often legionnaires are religiously devoted to one of the gods of Light, but there is also a small percentage of legionnaires who are simply devoted to good acts and life itself, who fight not for the gods but for righteousness throughout Tarn.

The Legion of the White Flame is always seeking to spread, teach and recruit new bodies into its fold and will always willingly assess and guide any individual who makes contact into their numbers. (Those who wish to join the Legion should write a note to the Crusaders, or make contact with a knight or legionnaire to forward their intentions to join.)

The Legion follows a very detailed, weedkly schedule in order to ensure that all aspects of Legion life are met.

The Legion schedule was created with the intent to provide consistent and continual roleplaying opportunities and venues to its members and the rest of the population of Tarn. We understand that no one can be online all the time, and we understand that people often tend to be online at the same time of the day. To this end we apologize with any inconveniences that the schedule creates, but do not let the schedule be daunting. It is simply a tool to help stimulate roleplaying, and add structure and content to the organization.

If you cannot be present for scheduled events, there are many ways in which you can roleplay various legitimate excuses (eg. "I was not able to attend because I encountered a sick elderly lady who required immediate assistance". Or, "I was too far away to reach the Keep in time, so I practiced the ceremony privately in the shrine of truth in Teziir.") Hopefully you get the idea.

The Legion of the White Flame's General Schedule:

DWEI: Sacrifice (Heart)

  • Pre Dawn- It is customary for the pages and squires to greet the coming morning of a new week in meditation and praise to the Light and their particular gods. As such Legionnaires are asked to spend the first day of the week learning the virtue of sacrifice by fasting until midday.

    Further in their meditations of the morning they must declare to the Godly realms what item, convenience or action they will sacrifice for the entire day. The greater the sacrifice the more favorable it is said are the rewards. Further, in morning meditations pages and squires are guided to pray for their goals in the coming week. Morning meditations and prayers can occur in any temple to the gods of Light on Tarn or any holy grounds - like the Keep or chapterhouses, unless otherwise directed.

  • Midday- After a morning of self-meditation, squires and pages are allowed a brief and small lunch, water and breads only and a blessing must be given before all is consumed. During this time all pages are expected to join in midday lunch at the Keep or chapterhouse and discuss what they have sacrificed for the day.

  • Afternoon- In the afternoon, after midday lunch, pages and squires are expected to gather and form a unit and march, practicing the most common military forms, high march, low march, and battle march. High march is the least often used, and generally only for special occasions. It compromises of goose stepping in full regalia, heads high and weapons brandished. Low march is standard march, weapons sheathed, in formation and regular step. Battle marching is the most complex of marches and is subdivided into many different forms. In general, shields are raised in the unit around the perimeter, arrows nocked and weapons ready, yet sheathed. Often a knight may accompany such a march to inspect and order specific marches be practiced. Even priests, healers and pacifists are expected to march, though they are not required to brandish weapon or shield. Marches may be called wherever is most convenient: New Drosa, Elysia, or Lanakh. Squires are forbidden to march in Labyria.

  • Late Afternoon- This is free time, save the restrictions set by the day's sacrifice.

  • Dusk- At dusk legionnaires are asked to sacrifice their evening meal in order to preach about the Light and the virtues, in Elysia, Lanakh, or New Drosa. The theme of sacrifice is often the subject of the day's preaching.

  • Evening- Squires are dismissed for the day to get what rest they can, they are also freed from their day's sacrifice.

GIAKIN: Compassion (Tear)

  • Dawn- Legionnaires are expected to rise for morning meditation and prayer. In their morning prayers they are asked to pray for the people of Tarn, the less fortunate and those suffering - praying and meditating over true compassion.

  • Morning- Pages and squires are to spend from morning to midday in acts of compassion about Tarn, save Labyria. (Unless they have obtained very rarely given permission to do so). This time is spent helping those in need, those in need of assistance, donating their time and energy to good works. A major occupation of many squires and pages is to spend time working on the rebuilding of the elven kingdom of Sylvanore, but often you will find pages and squires donating food, money and drink in the Eastern kingdoms where poverty is more abundant, or simply spending the morning helping someone in need.

  • Midday- Squires are required to meet for their communal lunch, in which everyone is to serve someone else before blessing their own food and eating. Time after lunch should be spent discussing morning meditations and good works. Lunches are generally held in either the Keep or the chapterhouse, however sometimes if the group of squires is large enough they may share communion at the outskirts of a temple of Light.

  • Afternoon- Squires are to spend the afternoon tending to their weapons and armor, pacifists are not required to tend to weapons, but they should be found neat and cleanly. Often knights will inspect armor and weaponry at the end of this period.

  • Late Afternoon- Squires are dismissed early this day as a tribute to the spirit of compassion. Often squires will use this time to write their seasonal report to the knighthood, but not always. Dedicated-squires may spend this time to write to their assigned knight and relate their activities and observations and such.

NARIHD: Chastity (Ring)

  • Dawn- Squires are expected to rise for morning meditation and prayers. Unmarried squires are expected to focus their prayers this day for strength in resisting the temptations of lust, while married squires are expected to focus their prayers also in resisting the temptations of breaking union with their spouses, but often also for their spouses. All squires should spend this morning praying for those forced into sexually unchaste behaviors to survive.

  • Morning- Squires are expected to spend their morning preaching against the unholiness of unchaste behavior and seeking to help redeem and guide the fallen to repentance and new cleanliness. Often squires will venture to the outskirts of brothels and preach against the acts of debauchery that occur within. Squires are expected to try to keep the peace during these excursions and to raise weapons only in self-defence. Much more is said to be gained from the redemption of a sullied soul then by violence. Only squires with special permission are allowed to attempt such preaching in Labyria.

  • Midday- Squires are to meet for their midday lunch in the Keep, chapterhouse, or a temple as usual and discuss the morning's meditations and activities together.

  • Afternoon- The afternoon is devoted to riding. All knights are expected to learn, at least in some way the basics of riding mounts. Squires are expected to ride in a group and to keep together. Oftentimes, more advanced squires will be given permission to practice mounted combat in the field during this time.

  • Late afternoon- Free time is given to all.

  • Dusk- Squires are expected to gather together for a midweek service to the Light in the Keep proper, where everyone is expected to guide the group in at least one prayer. This is a service of bodily purification, and should any squire or page have fallen to the temptations of lust, this is the time where they are expected to confess such faults and ask for the judgement of the Gods of Light to obtain redemption. These confessions must be publicly done, else the knighthood may question the earnestness of the candidate. Once a squire or knight is purified, history of their transgression is forgotten and not discussed again. It does not weigh upon their soul.

  • Evening- Squires are dismissed for the day.

FEYR - Truth (Hand)

  • Midday- Squires are given the morning to rest for the day to come, but are required to gather at the Keep for midday devotional and prayer. They are expected to focus their prayers on the truth.

  • Afternoon- On this day squires are expected to make pilgrimage to their temples, in search of teachings from their fellows. If none are able to speak, they are expected to pray, write or expound on their faith, spreading its word and thought.

  • Late Afternoon- Squires are given free time.

  • Dusk- Squires are called to return and gather at the Keep to share food, discuss their daily activities and prepare for the March of the Light.

  • Evening- As night descends on the Day of Truth, it is customary for squires to march the outskirts of New Drosa, all bearing a small spark of truefire in the dark. The ceremony begins with the ringing of the bells of the Keep, and two by two squires are marched into the darkness. During this march, squires are required to focus on spreading the light of their spark into the darkness. Doing such is a symbol of the battle for truth being fought, like a candle in the dark defying the abounding lies.

    Upon returning to the Keep, squires are required to combine their sparks into what is known as the Pyre of Truth, each confessing what lies or falsehoods they have professed since last they performed the ceremony. It is said that it is rare we do not find something to confess, as we most often lie to ourselves. Oftentimes knights will also partake in this ceremony, confessing their own faults in search of redemption.

    The March of the Light has always sparked interest in the greater population of the good in Tarn, and during the Season of the Suns any worshipers of the Gods of Light are welcomed and encouraged by the Knighthood to observe or participate in the ceremony. These special ceremonies are generally done in the open of the island, rather then in the Keep proper, and legionnaires disperse truefire sparks to the populace at large who wish to confess their sins to the Gods of Light.

  • Night- After the ceremony squires are required to take shifts assisting the Keep watch before they are dismissed for the day.

TRAEL: Courage (Sword)

  • Predawn- Legionnaires are required to wake in the early hours of morning, facing their fatigue with dedication on the Day of Courage. During this time, they are expected to train their combat skills, against their physical fatigue, or if they are pacifists they are required to spend the morning in good works and fasting.

  • High-Noon- Squires are required to meet at the Keep, chapterhouse, or the outskirts of a temple for a midday prayer and lunch, in which they pray for strength and courage before they bless food and gain sustenance.

  • Afternoon- Squires are required to spend their afternoon sparring in the Keep or chapterhouse amongst each other, and with knights who may offer their skills as teachers. Pacifists are expected to spend this time performing good works, or learning from the experienced healers and priests.

  • Late Afternoon- Squires are to tend to their weapons, armor and attire, and present themselves for inspection if a knight is to be found. The rest of the day is given as free time to practice training each in their own guild and pace.

ETHEI: Justice (Scale)

  • Dawn- Squires are expected to wake for morning devotional and prayer and to focus their prayers on the justice of the realms, both moral and ethical justice, and to a lesser extent, legal justice.

  • Morning- Squires are to study and learn the laws of both the Eastern Sultanate and The Golden Empire and to meditate on their effectiveness. Prayers, written papers or preaching on the foibles of the law are valid expressions of such meditation.

  • Midday- Midday lunch and discussion is to take place as usual.

  • Afternoon- Squires are to patrol the isle of New Drosa, in league with the New Drosian guard to help administer the justice of the light on the isle.

  • Late Afternoon- Squires are required to spend time preaching the glories of the Light in either Lanakh, Elysia or New Drosa.

  • Dusk- Dispensing of punishments is generally done at this time within the ranks of the legionnaires. Only a knight may issue punishment and all such punishments must be ratified by either the Lord Commander or Lord Chamberlain. Squires may petition their own deities to dispense punishment for their sins at this time. Punishments vary and depend upon the offence committed. Squires are generally expected to spend time afterwards in reflection of punishments given.

  • Evening- Squires are dismissed for the day.

SAGUIN: Humility (Sheperd's Crook)

  • Dawn- Morning devotionals and prayer, with a focus on personal humility.

  • Morning- Squires are expected to spend the day doing menial work within the Keep or chapterhouse: cleaning stalls, scrubbing floors, dishes and the like.

  • Midday- Squires are to meet for midday lunch and discuss their morning activities and devotional.

  • Afternoon- Squires are to spend the afternoon in good works.

  • Late Afternoon- Squires are expected to spend the late afternoon of Saguin tending to their own temple's needs, cleaning the floor, tending the grounds, etc.

  • Dusk- Legionnaires are to gather at the Keep for the Service of the Seven Virtues, at which time a squire shall be picked to lead a service of prayer to the gods of Light, guiding all in prayer. The Service of the Seven Virtues is a chance for squires to demonstrate and teach the virtues that all knights live by. Often squires will talk about how living by the virtues has changed their lives, or affected them personally. Knights often take the time to lead such services. Generally pages are not chosen for this task. At the end of the service squires may present themselves for evaluation if the Lord Commander or Lord Chamberlain is present. Advancements within the order are generally given at this time. Squires are dismissed after the service is completed.

FELACH: The day of resting and minor virtues

  • Squires have this entire day as free time to rest and meditate as they see fit. Squires are expected to pray at least once during the day, and oftentimes use this day to write seasonal reports and the like. The minor virtues are often the focus of many squires on this day in their prayers and interactions.

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