HARP: The World of Tarn

The World of Tarn

The Races of Tarn: Dark Elves

Special Note: Dark Elves get fill Dark Vision as Dwarves do. The difference being that Dark Elves operate at a -10 penality anytime they are in bright light.


The following are accepted truths about dark elves:

  • Dark elves are evil.
  • Their skin is colored by Tyorl as an outward display of evil in their souls.
  • Dark elves consider themselves superior to all other races.
  • Dark elves have a strict caste system: the Houses.
  • Dark elves especially hate high elves, Crusaders and un-Housed dark elves.
  • Read, understand and accept the following help file.

History: Dark Elves are direct descendants of the first sentient creatures in Tarn - the ancient elves. The dark elves were the first branch to move away from their past. In fact dark elves gave up on the Light and embraced Tyorl, God of Darkness. When they separated from the high elves, dark elves retreated to the underworld, populating the underground caverns and recesses of the Labyrian continent. There they formed great cities and grew as a culture of evil and hatred. Dark elves thrived as a race, for there was little stopping them at those early stages. Their culture formed into a rank system of Houses, and hatred and darkness seethed through them. They grew to hate everyone and everything, and even fought regularly amongst themselves, greedy for power. Lloth, the Spider Queen became their Matron Goddess, feeding their souls with hate and helping the dark elves rise into considerable power. Dark elves now spend most of their time underground, uncomfortable in natural settings or even in the light of the suns. They remain quite adept at manipulating the web of life, but use it for their evil schemes and have lost their ability to care for the surface world or Nature.

Description: Dark elves retain classic elven looks, with long, thin and well-sculpted facial features. In fact, it can be said they look like high elves, except for the fact that their skin is black and their eyes shine bright red. Dark elves have a range of eye color, from blue to black, but it is not uncommon for there to be the hint of red, the hint of anger and evil within their eyes. Dark elven skin can range from a dark grey or ash color to pitch black. Their hair is also most often white as snow, although it can be light gray or silver as well. They tend to have quite exotic hairstyles and tattoos that span their bodies. For example, it is not uncommon for dark elven males to wear their hair short, spiked high, or for females to wear their hair in long flowing tresses, like a wild storm. Tattoos are most often of spider imagery, since all dark elves are connected with Lloth, whether they believe it or not. Dark elves also use color dyes to accentuate their hair, most often in the range of purples and reds. They take great pride in their looks, although their concept of beauty is far different from that of the rest of the elves. Dark elves are fairly strong, although they typically have slaves do most of their manual labor. More important dark elves are highly intelligent, cunning and quick.

Sample images: A Dark Elf Male | A Dark Elf Mage

Personality: Dark elves are as evil as they come. They are bred with an almost all-consuming hatred for the surface world, and especially other elves. They will barely tolerate other races that live underground as well. And if their ingrained instincts are not entirely bent on evil and hatred, it is almost assured that they will be brought up in such a way that it becomes almost impossible for dark elves to accept any other race, and have any other thought but the destruction of the surface world. Unless a dark elf is born outside of the underworld and their homeland of Xian'Zadrin it is almost impossible for them not to share the same feelings towards the surface world and elves as their fellow dark elves. They have an incredibly strong class system, built around the concept of Houses. The Houses are effectively ranked, and a dark elf will have more political power, prestige and respect if they are in a higher House. Of late, in Xian'Zadrin the Houses have come together in the spirit of power for the race on a whole. They've divided the responsibilities of running Xian'Zadrin amongst the Houses. While they do not live in perfect harmony, there is an understanding amongst the dark elves that each House is needed in order for the race to thrive. Houses are run most often by female dark elves, called Matrons, although some Patrons (male dark elves) are known to run Houses as well. It is rare to find any dark elf unfamiliar with this strict class and matriarchal culture. And if indeed there is a dark elf unwilling to follow the rules that exist, they will most often find themselves slaves or worse. Many dark elves are born into a House, but many others are required to join one later in life, offering themselves to the Matrons and Patrons. Those that do not, will most likely find themselves as outcasts. Dark elven culture, albeit incredibly different from all others in Tarn, is highly refined and well structured.

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