HARP: The World of Tarn

The World of Tarn

The Races of Tarn: High Elves

Special Notes: High Elves are to be treated as Elves in HARP.


The following are accepted truths about high elves:

  • High elves are good.
  • Their skin is colored by the gods as an outward display of their inner Light.
  • High elves consider themselves superior to all other races.
  • High elves are highly intelligent, well spoken and educated in their culture.
  • High elves passionately hate evil races and people, especially dark elves.
  • Read, understand and accept the following help file.

History: High elves are direct descendants of the first sentient creatures in Tarn - the ancient elves. All other races of elves derived from the high elves. High elves have stayed the truest to the past, remaining followers of the Light and Justice, and remaining strongly devoted to tradition. As the other groups of elves began to part from the ways of the past, the high elves became more and more reclusive, and to some, more and more elitist. As other races blossomed, the number of high elves diminished somewhat, as they were overrun and bombarded by all sorts of races and cultures. Most recently, high elves have congregated primarily in the glorious city of Sylvanore, located in the south of Elysia.

Description: High elves are truly beautiful creatures, standing tall and proud. Their features are quite delicate looking, although that does not do justice to their inner strength. Most high elves have small, thin noses and high cheekbones. Their eyes, which have incredible sight, are quite slanted and bordered by arched eyebrows. Most high elves have bright blue or green eyes. High elves have pale skin, although not in a manner that is unhealthy. In fact, it appears to shine slightly, glowing with an ancient power and connection to the web of life. Their hair is typically a yellow or blond color, but it ranges from a pale, strawberry red to shining silver. High elves take extreme pride in their beautiful and prestigious looks. High elves are also exceptionally dexterous and fast moving.

Sample images: High Elven Ranger & Mage | High Elven Rogue | High Elven Portrait

Personality: High elves are for the most part, elitists. They believe, although they certainly do not dominate the populace of Tarn, that they are the purest, best and closest to what the Gods originally intended to create with the first sentient beings. The high elves have remained the closest in appearance as well as in beliefs, customs, and very personalities as those first elves. For the most part, high elves are highly intelligent, well spoken and educated in their own ways. Aside from their sense of elitism, high elves are a proud and noble race. They are also very conformist, learning at an early age what it means to be a proper high elf. Few ever break rank, although as Tarn becomes more of a melting pot, high elves have found a need to travel further and intermingle with others more often. This has caused a slight shift in the purest of high elf personalities, as many have settled away from Sylvanore and the ancient forests of Elysia. High elves can now be found in larger variety of places, and with this, comes a slight shift in personality. For example, some high elves may be more tolerant of other races, especially humans and Fey creatures. Some are also become more accustom to living in "human" cities or cities of mixed-race, such as Easlen or Scarborough. Ultimately however, elves have such ingrained personalities from thousand and thousands of years of existence that the changes occur very slowly. All high elves have a natural hatred towards drow and the Darkness, whether they act on it or not. All high elves have a closer attachment to the web of life and Nature, regardless of whether they pursue it.

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