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The World of Tarn

The Races of Tarn: Halflings


The following are accepted truths about halflings:

  • Almost all halflings are good or neutral.
  • Halflings have an appreciation for fine food, ale, and pipe smoking.
  • Halflings are relaxed and calm, with little interest in intellectual pursuits.
  • Halflings are family-oriented homebodies, who prefer simple dress and speech.
  • Halflings have a distaste for evil people and races.
  • Read, understand and accept the following help file.

History: Halflings are a young race. How they originated in Tarn is not entirely clear, but they have left a lasting impression. They live primarily on the outskirts of major towns in Elysia, preferring, for the most part, to live among their own in peace and quiet. They have had a relatively peaceful past, with no definitive enemies or great troubles. War has on occasion touched the halflings, particularly in the Shire, west of Elysia, but they have managed to survive it and live on. These days, halflings are becoming more and more adventurous, leaving their homes and traveling the lands of Tarn.

Description: Halflings are short, furry-footed humanoids. They look like a mix between dwarves and humans, and often are almost child-like in appearance. Their faces are typically quite round, with rosy cheeks and their eyes are quite large and round. Typically their hair and eyes are brown in color, although it is possible for a halfling to have different colors in both. A few halflings have been known to have almost blond hair and some goes darker towards black. Their eyes on occasion will be darker black or green and even lighter blues. Halflings often have a curly, messy style of hair, and they grow it into many different styles. They will sometimes have facial hair, although this is quite rare. Their most interesting feature is their feet, which are disproportionately large for the rest of their bodies. Not only are their feet quite large, but they are also quite hairy. The skin on the bottom of their feet is also very thick, almost like leather. Halflings rarely wear shoes or boots, leaving their feet exposed. Halflings are notorious for enjoying a good meal or two, clearly showing in the fact that most of them are slightly pudgy. They are however, incredibly sturdy and can withstand high levels of pain and unpleasant conditions.

Sample images: Halfling Rogue | Halfling Fighter | Halfling Villager/Commoner

Personality: Halflings are an odd race indeed, with an appreciation for fine food, ale and weed. Most halflings will be expert pipe smokers and they can spend hours on end, relaxing by a fire, smoking a pipe. It is often said that a halfling's personality is opposite of that of an arcani. Halflings are typically relaxed, calm and very happy-go-lucky in nature. They have little interest in studying or intellectual pursuits, preferring instead to tell wild tales of the outside world, while remaining huddled in their homes away from the hustle and bustle of Tarn.

Halflings are not quick to anger or to judge. If it were up to them, everyone would leave everyone alone and be done with it. They have no absolute racial biases, but given that they lean towards the Light and Neutrality, they have distaste for those who walk the path of Darkness. Most halflings are strong believers in family, and would rather stay at home to raise one than be off adventuring. Their patron Goddess in the past has been Daportia, Goddess of Hearth, Family Life and Lore. Although Daportia no longer graces Tarn with her presence, her beliefs remain strong within the halfling community.

Halflings have a true dislike for disturbances of their own lands, especially from those who choose to bare arms. Weapon bearers will find few friends in a halfling village. And although slow to anger and mobilize for much of anything, halflings can be staunch opponents in battle. They can be quite stubborn and their hardiness allows them to survive far beyond what most would think.

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