HARP: The World of Tarn

The World of Tarn

The Races of Tarn: Dwarves


The following are accepted truths about dwarves:

  • Most dwarves are good, but some are neutral. Evil dwarves are duergar.
  • Dwarves are traditionalists, proud of their customs, history, and families.
  • Dwarves are very religious, but will seldom turn down a drink or a smoke.
  • Dwarves dislike magic and mages, though they might grudgingly ally with them.
  • Dwarves hate evil beings, especially duergar, fire giants, and marsh giants.
  • Read, understand and accept the following help file.

History: Dwarves are one of the most ancient races of Tarn, created to populate the Mountains of Mourn. The story goes that Morgath created two dwarves out of the Living Rock - Torm the Deathless and Kahalla. Both still live today. They multiplied fruitfully, living deep underground within the mountains, using their great skills at mining and stonework to survive. Dwarves have a long history of war, particularly with the giant races. Dwarves were created and evolved to survive the rigors of a hard life underground and the difficulties of being surrounded by enemies. They survived many wars with the giants, and spent most of their time hidden away, rarely venturing forth from underground. The dwarves did eventually ally themselves with the humans of Elysia, working to combat any threats. They even forged a reasonable peace with the elves of Elysia, knowing full well that their destruction would be a horrible setback in the defense of Elysia, and ultimately the dwarves' own homeland. Dwarves have always remained strong traditionalists, maintaining a strong connection with ancient customs and their past. Since they most often live their lives surrounded only by their own, away from the rest of the world, they can appear somewhat behind the times.

Description: Dwarves are strong, stocky creatures, known primarily for their hardiness. Few other races would find dwarves attractive, with their large noses, somewhat beady eyes, and mass of facial hair. Dwarves have well muscled, but short legs and arms, limiting their range of movement and speed. Almost every dwarf, including the females, will wear a beard. Their beards will range from those that are neat and trimmed short, to long, shaggy messes. Dwarves often are quite hairy in general, their hair ranging in color from red to brown. Their eyes are most often brown, although some mutations of green do exist. Dwarves will have a range of skin colors, from pale to deep, bronze hues. This primarily depends on what a dwarf does for a living, whether they spend their time in a mine or in front of a forge. Regardless, most dwarves' skin is covered in dirt and soot as well as plenty of hair, so their skin tone is difficult to discern. Due to their hardiness, dwarves tend to be quite resistant to disease and poison. However they're primary weakness is an inability to swim, which can manifest itself in a fear of water.

Sample images: Dwarven Fighter | Dwarven Cleric | Dwarven Cripple/War Hero

Personality: Dwarves are a proud race. This is likely the first and most powerful quality that comes forth in a dwarf. They are proud of their history, heritage, beliefs and accomplishments. Many other races take this attitude for ego, and to a certain degree it is. Dwarves are known to snub their noses at other races, including those they are allied with. For most, dwarves are strongly religious and have strong family ties. They have maintained a great many of their ancient customs and often use that ancient history as a measuring stick for understanding the current world. Dwarves tend to be slow to change, being rather stubborn and most often pleased with the way they are. They can at times be rash and aggressive especially when insulted or backed into a corner. However dwarves can also be quite fun loving and rarely will they turn down ale.

Many dwarves are uncomfortable in wide-open spaces, preferring to be underground, or at minimum in a well-walled city. Most also have a strong distrust of magic. It is rare to find a dwarf that wholeheartedly accepts magic. They may find a use in allying themselves with a mage, for example, but they are rarely enthused about it.

Dwarves have many racial biases, hating most evil creatures, but in particular duergars. Duergars are those dwarves that embraced magic and went astray from the traditional path of the dwarves. Dwarves also have considerable animosity towards giants, although since the split of the giants' Council, this animosity has lessened and turned more into a general mistrust. In particular, dwarves dislike the fire giants, with whom they had many vicious wars, and the marsh giants, who are followers of Tyorl, God of Darkness.

Their strength and hardiness tends to draw dwarves towards being fighters and knights, while their willpower allows them to make extremely tough clerics.

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