HARP: The World of Tarn

The World of Tarn

The Races of Tarn: Gray Elves

Special Notes: Gray Elves are to be treated as Elves in HARP.


The following are accepted truths about gray elves:

  • Gray elves are almost always neutral or good.
  • Gray elves are the most populace elven subrace, hailing from Lanakh.
  • Out of the elven subraces, gray elves are more comfortable with other races.
  • Gray elves are very intellectual and look down upon those who are not.
  • Gray elves shun dark elves, evil races and evil people.
  • Read, understand and accept the following help file.

History: Gray elves are direct descendants of the first sentient creatures in Tarn - the ancient elves. Interestingly, while the high elves floundered somewhat, becoming more and more withdrawn inside the walls of the famed city of Sylvanore, the gray elves flourished and adapted. The gray elves were a group that became more secular, moving away from the ancient traditions and customs of their ancestors. They were no longer so directly attached with the web of life and Nature. Instead, the gray elves sough peace and quiet away from the turmoil that had erupted throughout the lands of Tarn. And so, the gray elves migrated to the remote desert lands of Lanakh. There, they were able to pursue more intellectual studies and flourish. Eventually, after thousands of years of relative peace, the gray elves became the most common elven sub-race, domesticating much of the Eastern Lands.

Description: Gray elves maintain much of the pure beauty of their ancestors. Their features are quite similar to those of other elves, with thin noses, high cheekbones, and long, angular faces. Their eyes, slanted similarly to those of the high elves are often darker shades of green, blue or even brown. Years spent in the deserts of Lanakh has also hardened and darkened the skin of gray elves, so that it has lost some of its original, brilliant shine. Gray elves more often have a grayer skin tone, although it ranges from a pale gray to a golden tan. Their hair is usually very light; white, silver or blonde in color, or very dark; deep brown or black. Gray elves also tend to be slightly smaller than their counterparts, having spent little time worrying about physical activities and stressing more the exercising of the mind.

A sample image: A Gray Elf Male

Personality: Gray elves tend towards being more like humans, less extreme in their views of the world in comparison with high elves, and a bit more widespread in the professions they undertake. Many gray elves still have a sense of superiority over other races, especially given their intellectual efforts, however for the most part, they are more accepting of other races than the rest of the elves. Being quite common throughout Tarn, the gray elves have been forced to intermingle with many other races, in particular humans, half-breeds, and katti. Gray elves appreciate the value of the other races, and recognize that they alone could likely not survive. Gray elves tend to be less religious and have a stronger belief in their own intelligence than bowing to the Gods. However they do remain followers of the Light or of the Gray, neutral path. Rarely will there be a gray elf that walks the path of Darkness, unless under extreme circumstances. Like high elves, gray elves do still maintain a connection with the web of life, a connection with the entire history of Tarn and Nature. The connection is certainly weaker, but it exists. Along with that, gray elves do have strongly ingrained personalities from thousands and thousands of years of evolution and time spent among their own people. This explains why they remain followers of the Light or neutrality and still shun drow elves.

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