HARP: The World of Tarn

The World of Tarn

The Races of Tarn: Humans


The following are accepted truths about humans:

  • Humans can be of any alignment.
  • Humans are the most populous and widespread sentient race of Tarn.
  • Humans' personalities and preferences vary widely, based on their backgrounds.
  • The variation in humans is due to where, how, and by whom they were raised.
  • Humans' tolerance of other races depends on their alignment and inclinations.
  • Read, understand and accept the following help file.

History: Humans were one of the later races created. However, given their relative strengths in all aspects of survival, and no clear weaknesses, humans spread quickly across Tarn populating nearly every corner of the Realm. Various races were slowly reduced to smaller and smaller areas of land, as forests dwindled and cities expanded. Humans eventually became the most populace race in Tarn, as well as the most versatile. There is little humans cannot do, and few places they cannot travel. Given this, humans also began to grow diverse from each other, as some lived in the hot deserts of Lanakh, while others populated the underground realms of the Underdark. Humans evolved into the most diverse race, coming in all shapes, sizes and colors (obviously within limits).

Description: Humans are the most flexible race when it comes to what they look like. Depending on their city of origin as well as where they have spent their lives, humans will range from albino to black in skin color, with a wide variety of eye and hair color. Humans will wear their hair in many different styles, from bald to long, shaggy hair to their waist. Humans also come in a host of sizes, from the short, thin human to the tall, fat human, and everywhere in between.

Sample images: Human Warrior | Human Ranger | Human Ranger/Druid & Warrior | Human Harper | Human Mage

Personality: Since humans live pretty much everywhere, and are basically decent at everything their personalities are incredibly varied. Humans can span the spectrum of alignments from absolutely holy goodness to the most awful of evils. They can be greedy and egotistical or friendly and giving. Given this, on a whole they have few predispositions to other races, although certainly these predispositions will exist based on the human's background and history. A human living in peace near Sylvanore would likely have a strong appreciation for the high elves that reside there, whereas a human taken in among the denizens of Mordavia may find high elves despicable. The strongest impact on a human's personality will be where he spent his life - his background. Given their short history, and widespread existence across Tarn, humans have little ingrained nature, except that which is ingrained within their short family evolution and their environment.

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