HARP: The World of Tarn

The World of Tarn

The Classes of Tarn: Clerics

Clerics are the offensive priests that serve the gods and goddesses of the pantheon of Tarn. Typically, clerics are holy missionaries seeking out anyone who will listen to the truths of their deity. However they also seek to destroy those who sin against their faith, be they followers who have gone astray or followers of other opposite religions.

Most clerics in their most basic of concepts are relatively similar - they serve as instruments of their god. However since there are so many gods, each one with a different realm of control and belief, clerics will end up having a wide variety of purposes, missions and concepts. Many clerics will serve as their god's holy warriors, going out to destroy, in whatever means possible, the followers and faiths of the gods opposed to them in the pantheon. For some gods, such as Cynderheart, God of Hate, that might mean actively seeking out those that follow the Path of Light and torturing them. For other gods, such as Durzo, God of Innocence, that might mean assisting the less fortunate, in turn bringing a bit of light unto the world.

Clerics must always remain faithful to their gods, or risk their wrath. An unfaithful or apathetic cleric is one that will eventually have their powers stripped by the gods themselves.

A sample image: A Human Cleric

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