HARP: The World of Tarn

The World of Tarn

The Classes of Tarn: Rangers

Rangers are skilled fighters that possess an appreciation for nature and a love for the outdoors. Beyond their superb fighting abilities, rangers possess a number of wilderness survival skills that make them valuable in any outdoor adventures.

Rangers are in fact, much more than warriors with expertise in fighting outdoors. They are lovers and protectors of nature. Their range of knowledge goes beyond the skills of fighting, but broadens into a knowledge of all things surrounding nature - wildlife, herb lore, and so on.

Although most rangers will walk the path of Light or Neutrality, they will possess a wide range of personality traits. Rangers also do not need to focus entirely on their fighting skills; it is not uncommon to find a more peaceful ranger, who seeks only to be a guide through the wilderness, or a friend to nature. Rangers have also been known to be somewhat wild and fanatical, protecting their wilderness homelands until their dying breaths. Some may even find civilization repulsive and the expansion of civilization throughout the natural areas of Tarn to be a horrible crime against the world. Regardless of how a ranger is played, they all share their interest and love for the outdoors. It would be extremely rare to find a ranger that ignores this, since it is the very foundation of their lives and skills.

Some ideas for ranger concepts include guides, scouts, spies, renegades, researchers, and even natural healers.

A sample image: An Elven Ranger

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