HARP: The World of Tarn

The World of Tarn

The Classes of Tarn: Warrior Mages

Warrior Mages are generally very disciplined warriors that have come to appreciate the value of magical skills. Their training has led them down two parallel paths; studying the art of war as well as the art of magic. This combination makes warrior mages daunting foes, although they typically do not possess the battle prowess of warriors or the arcane mastery of mages.

The warrior mage class is equally flexible to that of warriors, in that many concepts can revolve around the class. Since warrior mages tend not to excel at the art of war as much as true warriors, it would be rare to find a warrior mage that is a fervent studier or expert in various fighting styles and techniques. They simply do not have the time to dedicate when they must also study and practice their magical abilities. Warrior Mages can make excellent strategists and advisors however, given their broad range of knowledge. Often, within the war room of a king, it would be common to find a warrior and a warrior mage side-by-side.

Concepts for warrior mages will often be affected by which area of study (war or magic) the warrior mage specializes in. They may specialize in neither, but it is common to find that each warrior mage leans towards mastering one or the other. Furthermore, due to their more unique abilities, warrior mages can make excellent liaisons between the various organizations of Tarn, especially between the governments and the Magi. Warrior Mages have a special understanding, although not a superb expertise in both war and magic, so they are able to bridge the gap between the two extremes.

A sample image: An Elven Warrior Mage

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