HARP: The World of Tarn

The World of Tarn

The Classes of Tarn: Fighters

Fighters are masters of the art of war. This encompasses all aspects of war, including fighting techniques and styles, strategy, discipline and so on. They are not mere brutes of strength, handy with a sword. Although they certainly can be, fighters can also be brilliant strategists, managing armies of thousands of men. Fighters can be experts in certain weapons or fighting styles, although it is also not uncommon to find a fighter that is a complete weapons master, with experience in every weapon type imaginable.

The fighter class is extremely flexible in the concept that is played. They are likely one of the broadest classes, where someone can be anything from an ale-swilling hooligan to a disciplined guard.

Other ideas include mercenaries, personal bodyguards, military strategists, militiamen, and trainers. Fighters tend to make worthwhile political figures as well, since they typically are revered for their skills, both on the battlefield and in the strategy room.

Sample images: A Dwarven Fighter | A Female Fighterr | A Veteran Fighter

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