HARP: The World of Tarn

The World of Tarn

The Classes of Tarn: Thieves

Thieves are masters of stealth and speed. They use these skills and their abilities to steal, pilfer and loot in a whole host of ways. Most often, thieves are an adventurous breed, living from adventure to adventure. Their concepts can be incredibly varied, from the simple street pickpocket to the grandiose merchant.

Thieves tend to be somewhat effective in open combat, although they much prefer more secretive and stealthy methods. Catching a victim unaware is the thief's ultimate goal in either pilfering a few goods or cutting their throat. Thieves are typically not very honorable, although there have been a few that have walked the path of Light in Tarn.

Some possible concepts for rogues include thieves, pirates, vagabonds, merchants, beggars, loan sharks, mercenaries and assassins.

A sample image: A Cloaked Thief

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