HARP: The World of Tarn

The World of Tarn

The Deities of Tarn: Althaia

History: Althaia is the child or creation of Pleos. He crafted a golem in the form of a human woman and then imbued her with divine power. Laws have existed since the beginning of time. There are laws of nature and laws of the world. Althaia was created as a physical representation of the Law, a timeless concept.

Sphere of Influence: Althaia is the Goddess of Law. Her hand can be felt in every land on Tarn. A lesser sphere that feels her influence is Discipline.

Types of Followers: Her followers must all be of Lawful ethos and devoted to the Law. Members of the various governments are favored, but such membership is not required. However, such followers may find it difficult to uphold the tenets of her faith. The paths of Light, Darkness or Balance are meaningless to her, it is the Law that matters. The most basic tenet of her faith is that "The Law is the Law." It must apply and be applied to everyone equally and without bias. This might seem rigid, but laws, good or bad, can be changed. There is nothing wrong with that. Her followers are expected to uphold the laws of their lands, good or bad, but are freely encouraged to work towards changing them as they see fit.

Marks: The mark of a devotee of Althaia is a tattoo of "The Sword of Law". The sword is a cross-hilted, two-edged longsword with runes in black, silver and gold etched into the blade. The black runes spell out the laws of the Dominion and fall upon the left edge of the blade. The silver runes are the laws of the Sultanate and are engraved down the center of the blade. The gold runes are the laws of the Empire and fall upon the right edge of the blade. A true Chosen of Altheia hides their face behind a featureless, steel mask.

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