HARP: The World of Tarn

The World of Tarn

The Deities of Tarn: Lisstrielle

Sphere of Influence: Lisstrielle is the Goddess of Empathy, Knowledge and Magic. Her religion is based on using magic and being responsible for its use. She teaches that magic comes from the web of life and asks persons attuned to magic to assist in its research. In order to learn, one must first question rather than answer. Those who choose this path are called the Seekers of Truth. Listening to the answer with one's whole spirit is a true seeker's goal. For those not as able to search for the answers, they may still defend the seekers and become the Defenders of Truth. She is the champion of calm and rational discourse and the matron of scholars.

Understanding others and developing empathy helps individuals to further understand their own link to others and brings further understanding of their place in the universe. Empathy is the highest level of spiritual attainment for followers of her religion. Those who reach this pinnacle are said to achieve the highest favor from Lisstrielle. While initiates may not have this attribute, devoted followers will strive to achieve it.

Types of Followers: Her followers are expected to use empathy when dealing with others. She encourages her followers to use compassion and reason in their dealings; however, should communications break down or violence be threatened, she is not opposed to the use of force to settle the matter. She does prefer almost every other means of solving confrontations and expects her followers to use force as a last resort, unless it is their duty to do otherwise. She especially dislikes yelling, whining, and insulting speech as these lead to the breakdown of constructive communications.

Her followers are expected to uphold their obligations and commitments. A follower who was to betray a spouse or organization would most likely find extreme disfavor with this goddess. True seekers will not find answers unless they stay true to their devoted cause, thus any who are less than truly devoted are not worthy of her mark.

Marks: Those who are devoted to Lisstrielle, but have yet to be accepted by the Goddess, wear a silver earcuff with a shimmering blue wave. Those that have been accepted fully by the Goddess, wear a platinum earcuff with a splashing dolphin.

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