HARP: The World of Tarn

The World of Tarn

The Deities of Tarn: Tipheryce

History: After the decline of Augustine, and the waning of her power in the world, she still endeavored to bring her influence to world. Other factors were drawing her attention away however, and they took priority to be dealt with. The divine wills of Augustine and Jaragh combined their power and manifested it in the Luminous Wastes, far away from the dangers that loomed in the unseen reaches of the world. Their wills merged to form Tipheryce, a powerful Celestial charged with the task of defending against powerful threats. For an indeterminable span of time, Tipheryce journeyed into the Abyss to destroy the growth of demons at its source. It is there that he battled for centuries, growing stronger until finally his withdrawal was forced by a counteractive onslaught. Having lost control of the gateways to the Abyss, Tipheryce returned to his throne in the Luminous Wastes, once again able to heed Tarn the attention it may need.

Sphere of Influence: Tipheryce reigns primarily over the concepts of Courage and Honor. Secondarily he watches over any who owe a protective allegiance to another. Tipheryce also serves to the role of the Vanguard of Tarn, sworn to protect good people from the machinations of wicked gods and demons.

Types of Followers: Tipheryce only accepts good aligned individuals into his central church, specifically those who would sooner die than see their own kind injured or killed. His faith centers around overcoming one's fears and adhering to a code of honor. Though they will not likely be accepted into his clergy, many bodyguards and other less virtue-bound individuals who reflect some of his spheres will devote to him as a reminder of who they are and what is dear to them.

Marks: Tipheryce's devoted receive a black cordon that is tied about the shoulder. Those accepted by his faith possess a tattoo upon their shoulder of a lion that can be even be seen over top of clothing and armor (as though it were tattooed upon the garment).

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