HARP: The World of Tarn

The World of Tarn

The Deities of Tarn: Sycchelle

History: Sycchelle's precise origin is an utter mystery, when she initially gained power in Tarn, how, or where is also not known. Some ancient scholars suspected that she emerged from the planes somewhere, others yet believe she is a disease that was infused by some powerful brand of magic, and grew willfull and intelligent as a result. Sycchelle is believed to exist within the Plane of Epicenter.

Sphere of Influence: Sycchelle is the goddess of plague and disease, and to a lesser extent she deliberately spreads misfortune and suffering when at all possible. It is said that she thrives off the misery of mortals and other living creatures.

Types of Followers: Most who devote to Sycchelle are perverse and wicked beings, masochists, and lunatics. It is not unknown for those who fear the touch of plague and famine to devote to her, praying for protection from the elements she represents. Such followers tend not to be accepted as full clergy members, but instead are required to make blood sacrifices and other such homages to earn protection from her power.

Marks: Those devoted to Sycchelle bear an elaborate, purple rune of some lost, unknown language across their right palm, while those taken fully into the religion are marked with black runes across their hairline and neck.

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