HARP: The World of Tarn

The World of Tarn

The Deities of Tarn: Sodonn

History: The living Nightmare of old, Sodonn has been called from the bowels of the Abyss to restore the primacy of the dark pantheon of Tarn. Those who revel in the cessation of order and civility often flock to Sodonn's embrace; the spreading of fear and terror is the only ambition of those who gather to the Serpent-god. It is through the power exerted over the weak-minded and fearful that empowers Sodonn, and those who shed the fallacy of goodness are most often drawn to her. Unbridled chaos is the only mode of existence acceptable to those who follow this path, and the few faithful that Sodonn accepts often manipulate in quiet, deceptive ways or through the employ of fear.

Sodonn is believed by most to be the patron mistress of all that dwells in the dark and brings fear, but some merely see her as a creature of legend, old beyond reckoning and hateful beyond measure. Those who worship this black-hearted being are fervently staunch in their convictions, their faith frightful and implacable.

Types of Followers: Those who are inclined to stray somewhat from the established norm are easily beguiled by the dark power Sodonn offers. Ranging from the paradoxically cruel and heartless to the slightly shaded of soul, her followers stem from many walks of life. Most share a common obsession with fear, and, having been spurned by normal society, have turned to the more unscrupulous and obscure. Most tend to lead a very secluded and monastic lifestyle, unable to live amidst orthodox community.

Marks: Those who devote their lives to the Serpent-god have a blue crescent moon balanced on its arch tattooed on their foreheads, a mark which represents the first phase of existence. Those few who have been accepted into the cult of the Serpent-god have had their eyes purged from their skulls, in order to instill fear in any who look upon them. Through the Snake Queen's power, her followers are still able to see.

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