HARP: The World of Tarn

The World of Tarn

The Deities of Tarn: Gramalkin

History: Twice made immortal Gramalkin has lead a rather interesting path in his life, born first to the planes themselves as a dragon. Little is written of that time, and what plane he may have come from, though some say the plane of the Wyrd has always been his home. He was brought to the Immortal realms as a boon from the pantheon of that time. As time would show, he was not. His penchant for violence had him more often than not landing into trouble with the greater gods. After years of working his chaotic hands through the Immortal relmas he made his last mistake, and was tossed from the pantheon, placed within the mortal receptacle of a young gray elven man. The goddess Lisstrielle had cast him down. He walked the surface of Tarn, learning the humility and temperance he needed, wandering the lands as the last cleric of his now fallen church. It has been several hundred years since the day he was cast out. He has now found some flaw within the way he was cast out and crawled his way back into the pantheon, claiming the title that was once his.

Sphere of Influence: The coming battle, war, conflict -- these are the things that Gramalkin revels in. He holds sway over the Wyrd, a plane of constant conflict and war. It is said his eyes can see the battles both past and present that have taken place over the lands. His influence is felt within the world by the arguments, and stirrings or differences of others which break out into more lasting problems.

Types of Followers: Gramalkin's followers are ambitious people, or those willing to do what is needed to complete the teachings of his gathering. Many soldiers have been known to mutter a prayer to the god of war in hopes of blessing them in the coming fight. The followers have a kinship amongst themselves that binds them together, however a little violence never hurt anyone. It has, and always will be a matter of the strong leading them. While this leads to a small amount of followers, those that do survive are culled from the ranks by the rituals.

Mark: Those seeing the gathering of Gramalkin wear a small circlet, signifying the path they travel while searching for what it is they seek in life. Those chosen to move further into the church bear the same circlet, only a dark, desert opal that glows with an emerald flame burns brightly from the stone. Those that are moved into higher positions are given a tattoo of the dragon placed upon a location of their choosing.

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