HARP: The World of Tarn

The World of Tarn

The Deities of Tarn: Eowyrd

History: Very little is known about Eowyrd's past. Many people speculate him to be the reincarnation of a dead god. Others are convinced he is nothing more than the renegade avatar of some careless immortal. However, regardless of rumor, speculation, or direct accusation, Eowyrd has remained silent on the subject. It is said if the Wolf Lord is pressed for stories of his past, he will gladly tell some. Unfortunately, those who hear his words are never seen again.

Eowyrd is normally very reclusive, keeping to himself in the expanses of untouched wilderness. It is considered good luck to catch a glimpse of the Wolf slumbering and very bad luck to be the cause of his awakening. He is known to have a very violent temper and a limited understanding or tolerance for mortals. He is quick to destroy those who cross his path, annoy or defy him, including those of his own pack. "It is wise," the elder druids say, "to avoid dancing for rain in jest-- a wolf in the clouds brings a flood."

Spheres of Influence: Following in the tradition of Leheirden and Sekhmet, Eowyrd is hailed as the Lord of the Sky, protector of the wild. He is the incarnation of Nature's darkest wrath- destructive, cold hearted and feral.

Types of Followers: People from all walks of life pay homage to the Wolf Lord though few choose to devote their lives. Sailors murmur prayers for a safe journey over the oceans. Farmers call to the Wolf Lord to water their crops. Rangers often thank him for a bountiful hunt. Superstitious folk sometimes leave small offerings of meat under the open sky in hopes that bad weather and natural disaster will overlook their village.

Elementalists, Druids and children of the wild most often flock to run with Eowyrd's pack. Those who seek his favor leave the comfort of civilization and seek him out in the vast wildernesses of Tarn. Many, in an attempt to catch his eye, cover themselves in the blood of rabbits. Others take a more conservative route and spend many a sleepless night howling at P'tera.

Those who choose to devote their lives to running with the pack must forever separate themselves from civilization, regarding themselves as creatures of the wild, servants of nature. Their lives are often hard, filled with lonely nights and scorn from city dwellers. Embraced pack mates of Eowyrd are often considered feral, monstrous and dangerous. For this reason, a definite stigma exists between the church of Eowyrd and civilization-- a stigma that breeds conflict, bloodshed and sometimes death.

Running with Eowyrd is ultimately a sacrifice of self. It is said that the longer one follows the Wolf Lord, the more like him they become until all sense of their civil selves is all but lost. Those who gain Eowyrd's highest favor lose themselves completely, taking the form of a spirit of the wild to become part of the natural weave of Tarn.

The church of Eowyrd strives to strengthen and protect Nature as a whole. Members of the Pack work in unison to realize their goals whilst hunting down those who dare disrespect or defile the wilds. Encouraged by their Alpha, they often align themselves with the Wildrunners-- a group that holds a strong relationship with Nature.

The church ultimately distrusts the governments of the civilized lands of Tarn and members do all they can to avoid interaction with citizens of those lands. Because of this, the Pack is rumored to have loose, but favorable ties with the Renegades.

The one group the Pack openly speaks out against is the Magi. They regard arcane magic as a dangerous tool that has been used to harness the wilds for selfish gain and as a deadly weapon to destroy the delicate balance they so zealously protect. The pack strives to keep Druids out of the Magi at any cost, desperately seeking to reform wayward vivimancers "under the spell of the wretched Magi."

Marks: Those who choose to devote to the Wolf Lord bear a tattoo of an open circle upon their forearm. Those who have been fully accepted to run in Eowyrd's pack go through a remarkable transformation, shedding their natural eyes in favor of the favor yellow eyes of a wolf.

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