HARP: The World of Tarn

The World of Tarn

The Deities of Tarn: Sarmgu

Sphere of Influence: Sarmgu is the God of Wealth and Power. He is the patron god of merchants, thieves, brigades and the lone person who travels the land looking for riches. The great dragon Sarmgu teaches that wealth, power and greed are the hallmarks of true success. Personal accomplishments and goals must rise above all else.

Types of Followers: Many find the path of wealth and power a comforting one. Sarmgu has many followers that have spread throughout Tarn seeking their own fates. Many are simple merchants, looking to gather enough wealth to retire fat and happy. Others are power hungry tyrants who aim to rule lands and wage war against their enemies. Sarmgu accepts many into the church of Wealth and Power, for his teachings and influence feed upon the very soul of most sentient beings. Although followers of Sarmgu are all marked the same, they have been known to fight amongst themselves, when their individual needs and goals have come to a head. Confrontation, violence and murder are commonplace among Sarmgu's followers.

Marks: Those who are devoted to Sarmgu, but have yet to be accepted by the Great Dragon, wear an earring in the shape of a dragon. Those that have been accepted fully by the God, bear a richly colored tattoo of a dragon on their necks.

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