HARP: The World of Tarn

The World of Tarn

The Deities of Tarn: Ellyllon

History: Few remember the time when this llaiadain goddess walked the realms as a mortal. Rumors still circulate of a time when she betrayed the Empire and turned to the ranks of the Dominion. How much validity there is to such a story, and what facts have been added, forgotten, or twisted, are unknown to all but those who witnessed the events unfold. It is unfortunate though, that most of those beings have passed on from old age. Ellyllon's followers tend to tell a different story. They claim that the goddess is the daughter of the moon, P'tera, and a dark god whose name they dare not speak. The goddess has indeed spoken of her "fall from her Mother's embrace" and her struggle to retake the place that was rightfully hers. For whatever reason, Ellyllon now holds a place among the deities of Tarn, and makes her influence and presence there readily apparent.

Sphere of Influence: Ellyllon is worshipped as the Goddess of the Night. At a most basic level, she is a protector of the midnight hours, but in a more esoteric sense, she is seen as a patron of illusions, deception, and shadows.

Some believe she can hear all that is spoken within the shadows and do not speak ill of her during times of twilight, for fear of losing their tongues (or worse). All that is known for sure is that Ellyllon seldom makes an appearance without inciting some form of chaos. It is also known that those who walk the night are also blessed with the ability to command the shadows to some degree, calling upon Ellyllon to protect them in their times of need. At what cost they have bargained with the Goddess to earn this power is unknown to outsiders.

Types of Followers: The skulking, the unscrupulous, and the greedy see her as a saint. Most of those who walk in the Light, the followers of Crystara in particular, have shunned her teachings. Typical followers of Ellyllon are rogues and mages; those who use means other than violence to get what they want.

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