HARP: The World of Tarn

The World of Tarn

The Deities of Tarn: Mia

History: The history of the goddess of dreams is clouded in mystery. Brought forth into the world as a human by the name of Mia Kattaw'i, she left a trail of legacy wherever she appeared. She began her life as a humble healer of the Divine Muse, Tifreylaana, later obtaining the position of High Priestess. Soon after discovering her innate abilities and discovering those known as the Dreamers she dropped her guise and grasped her destiny as the Goddess of Dreams and Prophecy, Mistress of the Ancient Arts of Metsis. Many titles cling to her name, some spat from a bitter tongue, others praised by song: Mia Kattaw'i, Shadow Elf Prophet of the Mists, Child Thief, Flayer of Minds, Seer of the Eternity's Eye. The true nature of the Divine Prophet is a total mystery, of which only a select few of her students have ever been blessed with. In doing so, she has eternally enshrouded herself in intrigue.

   "The Fiend, the Thief, the Whisperer, Avoider of the Dawn,
   Sings sweetly in the mortal ear of terrors yet to come.
   Her piercing gaze- a golden glow, can't match her riddled tongue,
   In feats of twisting mortal minds to make them come undone.
   From shadowed glade to cobbled streets, Her words drive forward on,
   To flay the minds of innocents and desecrate the strong.
   Beware the Prophet's cruel intent for She and Dreams are one.
   When caught within Her shadowed net, there is no place to run."

   - From the Io'ue Tome of Histories, Stanza 43

Spheres of Influence: The path of the Mists is one of ancient secrets, mysteries, and unheralded power. The sacrifice made by those who seek for answers within the Mists is heard to be an immense one, but the rewards are equal if not better in return. Some legends surrounding the Dreamers declare that those who bear the markings of the Dreamers bring upon themselves the curses as well as the blessings of the dark powers of the Mist Dwellers, the Nohd'omii.

Marks: Those who devote to the shadowed path bear the mysterious burnished silver eyes, proudly announcing the blessing of Mia, the Divine Prophet. Those who have received the full blessing of the Goddess, bear storm-filled eyes encircled with gold, marking them as those who have learned and mastered the old ways.

   "To be a Dreamer is to wield a poisoned dagger with no hilt."

  - From the Commentaries on the Io'ue Tome of Histories It is believed that Mia exists within the Demi-Plane of Metsis.

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