HARP: The World of Tarn

The World of Tarn

The Deities of Tarn: Tyorl

History: Tyorl has always been.

Sphere of Influence: The path of Tyorl is a path in Darkness. A different and unique world awaits all those who enter the entity of Darkness. It is a place of mystery, a place of corruption, a place of peace, a place of horrendous torture. With the Darkness, your fate is never certain as it flows around and through you. The Darkness uses all to its own advantage, in secret manipulative ways or in open understanding. Darkness consumes.

Types of Followers: To be one with the Darkness is to be Master of Intrigue, Mistress of the Night, Protector of Fate, Soldier of the Underworld. Tyorl's followers dwell only in the Darkness; none of the other Paths are accepted into the Father's service. Once one has devoted one's self to the Darkness, one must seek only to please the Darkness, as Tyorl releases no one from service, and his wrath is fearsome.

Tyorl is the patron of the dark elves. It is by his grace and acceptance that they shed their original form and broke from the high elves. Dark elves, even those who follow other gods, acknowledge Tyorl's position and offer him the proper respect. Tyorl's relationship with the Unspoken is special, as they are wed. Darkness and Death do go hand in hand, but thinking them the same is a grievous error.

Marks: The devotees to the Darkness wear a small black dagger earring. Those fully accepted by the Darkness are emblazoned with a pulsating black dagger in the middle of their forehead.

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