HARP: The World of Tarn

The World of Tarn

The Deities of Tarn: Calandros

Sphere of Influence: Calandros is the God of Chivalry, Purity and True Love. Patron god of knights, married couples, virgins, and those who stand against the forces of darkness and evil. Calandros is the embodiment of Light and Goodness in Tarn. He is the patron God of the Crusaders, the holy warriors of Tarn.

Types of Followers: Those who join the church of Calandros will always walk the path of Light. And beyond simply walking the path of goodness, true followers of Calandros often take it to an extreme, working to quench even the slightest amount of darkness or even grayness in their hearts. A variety of individuals may find their path leading towards Calandros, from a quiet couple living their life in happiness and love to the holy warrior or pandion bent on destroying every last remnant of evil in the realms. Some followers may be peaceful, choosing to spread the teachings of Calandros through writings and song, while others will take up arms and strike down at evil before even thinking. The path to true faith in Calandros is not an easy one, for it requires constant devotion and focus on the Light.

Marks: Those who are devoted to Calandros, but have yet to be accepted by him, will most often tattoo a solitary white rose on their shoulder. The tattoo is meant to symbolize their quest in search of chivalry, purity and true love. Those that have been accepted fully by the God, will have their tattoos transformed by Calandros himself, into a silver unicorn with two white roses entwined about its horn.

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