HARP: The World of Tarn

The World of Tarn

The Deities of Tarn: Durzo

History: In times long ago, the half-orc named Durzo wandered Tarn, aiding the light and exploring the world's many wonders. He was always known for his kindness and loyalty, and his ferocity when he or those he cared for were wronged. He survived many hundreds of battles but Durzo was finally struck down in his old age and journeyed onward, into the realm of the dead. He was forgotten on Tarn for many hundreds of years, except by those few long lived friends that had endured. The goddess Lisstrielle eventually interrupted Durzo's wanderings within the realm of the dead. She had seen the need for Durzo's presence back upon Tarn's surface. He now travels the same roads he did as a mortal, helping those who have need, and serving the Light as well as he can.

Sphere of Influence: Durzo is the Protector of the Innocent. He seeks to ensure that the lowly and meek are allowed to live in peace and happiness, and also that more joy be brought into the lives of all of Tarn's folk.

Durzo does not seek worshippers, as such, but he gathers friends to aid him in his quests to shield the simple folk of Tarn from the deprivations of evildoers. Followers of Durzo offer aid and protection to any who may have need or request it. They are not necessarily pacifist, and if warfare is called for, the followers of Durzo will respond with strength. Durzo and his friends are also known for their sense of humor and their delight in pranks. They seek to make all beings happier with their jestings.

Types of Followers: The brave and kind tend to follow Durzo, as do the simple, innocent and pure. Nearly all races and classes may find the calling to come to Durzo's side, except the plainly evil. The Fey of Tarn find Durzo to be a kindred spirit, and they find a sense of wellbeing in his presence. It is very common to find the friends of Durzo serving the Crusaders or aiding the wardens of Elysia in their duties.

Marks: Those devoted to his teachings wear a patchwork bandana around their necks, while those who have been accepted as friends are gifted with a tattoo of a shield with a pixie holding a daisy upon it. The tattoo is made of crystal.

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