HARP: The World of Tarn

The World of Tarn

The Deities of Tarn: Isabelle

History: Isabelle embodies all emotions, and was formerly known to preach of emotion and passion. However, her time in the Plane she resides in and the unrest of Tarn shifted her energies, bringing her back to Tarn with a new path for those to follow...Peace.

Isabelle resides in the Plane of Infinite Paradises.

Spheres of Influence: As the Goddess of Peace and Tranquility, Isabelle and her followers are absolutely pacifist in nature (i.e. they should NEVER be hunting in the game and gain all xp through RP, save for a ranger hunting to eat). They wander the realms preaching of finding harmony and peace in one's own lives and the world at large. Her church has no clerics, for those that follower her do not believe in fighting, in any form, save for absolute self defense, and then only to remove themselves from the situation.

Types of Followers: Followers of Isabelle come from no backgrounds that beget violence in any form...most are priests, troubadours, druids, rangers, and peasants that are content to search for peace and enlightenment. Many make good diplomats, ambassadors, and judges, for they believe in controlling their emotions, listening to things rationally and forming an effective and peaceful solution to issues at hand. A matron of the arts, Isabelle is often prayed to for inspiration and protection by those who practice in the artistan trades. Mages -may- earn her favor, but -never- use their powers in any combative capacity, instead deciding to use their abilities to bring peace and enlightenment to themselves and the world around them.

A follower of Isabelle would never be found in any act of aggression, instead desiring to resolve a conflict with peace or walk away before things escalated to any sort of larger confrontation. They abhor war, violence, fighting, and seek to rid the world of such atrocities, but only through rational, controlled, peaceful means. While She promotes peace and tranquility, it should be said that followers of Isabelle, being pure and good Lightwalkers, do abhor the Darkness and what comes of it, they simply choose not to attack it or confront it, preferring to find the peaceful, least violent route in all things.

Marks: For those who give their souls to Her, the devoted are marked with Her symbol, a gentle touch from Her leaving a small, silver pawprint on the nape of their neck. Those who have fully earned Her favor are granted Her full mark, an emerald eye shedding a sapphire tear, an ever present reminder of the sorrow brought to the world when all is not at peace.

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