HARP: The World of Tarn

The World of Tarn

The Deities of Tarn: Juvkiertauxa

History: The Unspoken is ancient. She was later born as a mortal, early in the First World. She married Tyorl and reclaimed her godhead. Well into the Second Age, she began to remember the untold eons before she was trapped in a portion of her soul and born. She withdrew her attention from the Material Core to rearrange what had been unlocked in her mind. She has recently reengaged the world, after spending this time in her Realms. She is now not only what was born as a mortal, but has reclaimed all of herself that had been locked away for fear of what she would become.

Her true name is not known. She was called 'Juvkiertauxa' by her mortal mother, but even that name should not be uttered, for fear of drawing her attention. Only those who have truly given themselves to her should ever seek her attention through their deeds. Unwittingly or unworthily attracting her eye is at the best painful, at the worst deadly. She is often called: The Unspoken, The Eternal, She Who May Not Be Named, The Queen, The Mother, The Dark Hand of Death, The Dark Hand of Decay, or simply 'She' or 'Her'.

The Eternal is strongly associated with Lake Avernon, especially in her primeval form, and again now, since she has returned her attention to the Material Core. The exact significance of the place is not known, except that it seems the Unspoken was worshipped there, early in the First World, before she was trapped and born. It is now a dangerous place, filled with evil, and travel there should not be attempted by the unprepared.

Sphere of Influence: The Unspoken is the Dark Hand of Death. All eventually succumb to her embrace. No one escapes her Realms and she allows almost none to return to their lives. Those that are allowed to leave have given themselves to her in some way, whether they remember it or not. To the most faithful of her high priests, she sometimes grants extended life. This is very rare and may not be achieved by the asking.

Those who seek to extend their lives by magical means, without consulting her are special enemies of her followers. Their lives are usually made so miserable that they pray for the release she offers. Sometimes, she grants it. But usually, she does not waste her mercy on those, instead bringing them to her Realms, where their suffering is unlimited by time and flesh.

Types of Followers: There are many different degrees to which one can show one's reverence for the Unspoken, ranging from prayers and offerings to ward off death or suffering when the occasion arises to devoting themselves entirely to her, forever, seeking her burning touch. The former come from all walks of life, offering to her when they come near the end of their natural life, or in dangerous or potentially painful situations, such as childbirth. For instance, even farmers in Elysia will offer blood or milk to her when their favorite cow is about to calve, to appease her and keep her away from them and theirs.

The latter type are almost exclusively evil, as they tend to enjoy pain and death. Their deeds as they seek her touch are told of in story and song in darker lands. These are the monsters mothers tell of to scare their children into obeying. These devoted, who seek her attention and the sear of her hand upon their flesh will stop at nothing to achieve it. Their lives are lived only for her, to see her to draw her eye, to be accepted by her, forevermore.

Very few people seek to follow the Unspoken in only her aspect as the Hand of Death. This is an ancient practice and has never completely died out. These people see death as a natural and necessary part of life. They do not seek to bring or prevent death, but merely preach its acceptance. Such followers are of the Grey Path. They see the order of the world and death's rightful place in it. The bulk of her church tends to shun these followers, and it is harder for them to draw her attention and so be fully marked, but it can happen.

Followers of other gods also offer to her when they seek what is hers. When a devoted of Gramalkin does battle for him, he may first offer a portion of the pain and blood and death to her, to further ensure that he will not be the one to fall. A devoted of Eowyrd may offer the screams of the Magi vivimancer he plans to rip apart to her, for her favor in the endeavor. A follower of Ellyllon may offer a ritual death to the Unspoken to ease the sickness of a loved one with death.

For her part, the Unspoken does not allow her marked, be it with tattoo or scar, to offer anything beyond a simple prayer of respect to another, save Tyorl. Her relationship with Tyorl is special, as they are wed. Death and Darkness do go hand in hand, but thinking them the same is a grievous error.

The Eternal is very jealous of 'her little ones' and once they have proclaimed themselves to be hers, they may not change their minds. The few who have been foolhardy enough to try it, thinking they were special and would be spared, were quickly hunted by her followers and soon they found themselves praying for death at the hands of those who were once their brothers and sisters. But even these are better off than the ones she dealt with personally.

Marks: Those who are devoted to the Unspoken are tattooed with the image of a bloody scythe on their left cheek. The scythe is very simple, black or silver depending on the devotee's skin color, and the blood on the blade is always a vibrant red. The tattoo shows up clearly on any face, even those covered with fur. When the Unspoken fully accepts a follower, she lays her small hand on that person's face, over the tattoo. Her hand sinks into their flesh, burning and charring it, leaving a darkly-pigmented scar of an open hand.

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