HARP: The World of Tarn

The World of Tarn

The Deities of Tarn: Pleos

History: Very little is known about Pleos's past since he rarely has shown himself and very few details of his past seem to exist. Most recently, he has spent more time walking the mortal realms, interacting with various people. His reasons for doing so remain a mystery. Rumor has it that he appears as he looked, once, a long time ago, when he himself was a mortal.

Sphere of Influence: Pleos is the God of History & Time. His influence, as of now, has been quite minimal, since he has rarely involved himself in mortal affairs. Of late, this has changed, and Pleos can more often be found amongst mortals, discussing matters of history and time. He seems to accept a wide berth of followers and will speak to almost anyone, regardless of their own path, as long as they share an interest and understanding in the value of knowledge and its connection to the past.

Types of Followers: Pleos accepts a wide range of followers. He does not appear to react differently when in the company of Darkness, Light or Gray, for those concepts mean little to him in the grand scheme of things. Most often, those that follow Pleos are scholars, historians, mages and any others that have a keen interest in learning.

Marks: Those that choose to devote themselves to Pleos bear the tattoo of an open book across their forehead. Those that are accepted by Pleos as true believers in the teachings of History & Time, have the image of an hourglass tattooed above the book, in a full display of beautiful colors and detail.

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